Bridgestone POTENZA RE55S semi-slicks (13' - 18')



Free delivery in and around Cape Town.

Slash your lap times with awesome grip and abrasion resistance. RE55S, the asymmetrical and uni-directional race tyre with atom-sized carbon compound that sticks to the track like nothing you’ve ever experienced.
Aimed at improving track times with its exclusive asymmetrical right and left sided uni-directional tread, the New POTENZA RE55S will surprise you with its awesome Track & Circuit performance.
Newly developed asymmetrical right and left sided uni-directional design drastically improves grip on dry road surface. Large-sized block placed on the outer side increases cornering power; and the optimal layout of grooves on the inner side ensures superior water drainage capability.

Inner Side
Thick high-angle groove at the centre and low-angle groove at the shoulder.
Optimised layout of grooves that goes along with flow of water for superior performance on wet surfaces.
High-angle groove placed at the centre enhances drainage capability.

Outer Side
Low-angled grooves enhance stiffness of the blocks, which improves grip on dry road surfaces.
High stiffness large-sized shoulder blocks improve cornering power.

All brand new and per tyre
Bridgestone ONLY

175/65/13 -R800

185/65/14- R900
195/60/14- R900

205/50/15 - R1150
225/50/15 - R1275

235/40/17 - R1750

225/40/18 - R2000
285/30/18 - R2450

Semi's are road legal

Can get more semi's in 18' but will be on special request

Ask if you want a tyre in a particular size

Delivery included in the price


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